Your home is one of the biggest investments you make, and with this investment comes the added expense of exterior maintenance. In our climate, home maintenance is an on-going problem.

Tex*Cote Coating is being offered to residential owners in your area as an alternative to painting or siding.  Tex*Cote Coating performs like vinyl siding but looks like a beautiful paint job and is warranted against chipping, peeling, and flaking for as long as you own your home.  It can be applied over any type of surface - from your eves to the foundation - and it eliminates the need to ever paint again

Tex*Cote Coating is approximately 15 times thicker than paint and has been proven to withstand the destructive effects of sun, rain, salt, and frost.  Its remarkable elasticity responds to the expansion and contraction of your home and provides superior adhesion.

Textured Coatings of America, one of the world's largest manufacturers of protective coatings, makes and distributes this coating for use worldwide.

Tex*Cote Coating is an elastomeric spray-on coating that is applied using a two-step system.  The first step involves the application of an epoxy cohesive primer, which  bonds to the substrate.  Unlike the way normal paint layers just lay on top of each, the final step involves the application of a top coat which actually bonds to the epoxy primer which has already bonded to your home's walls.  The top coat is a very thick, elastomeric finish and is custom tinted to your specified color. 

All of our products are EPA approved. Tex*Cote Coating is not a vapor barrier.  It "breaths" just like Gortex clothing.  Moisture can pass from the inside to the outside; yet cold and rain cannot come the other way.  Tex*Cote Coating stops air infiltration more efficiently than applying styrofoam under siding;  has a class A fire rating (will not burn);  does not chalk and oxidize as paint does;  and is impact-resistant to hail.

As Tex*Cote Coating is a spray-on process that goes over your existing surface, it will not change the architectural appearance of your home.  Tex*Cote Coating meets all of the non-siding requirements in your sub-division.  It gives a smooth finish, looks richer than standard paint, and provides you with a home that you will never paint again. 

We can provide the addresses of many homes in your area that have been coated, if you wish to inspect them.

Before applying the Home Exterior Coating System to this Cedar Home, we prepped it thoroughly.
All loose paint was removed and sanded before the Epoxy Primer was applied.

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